Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Aleksandr Vasser and Kyle Uchitel Reasons to smile about

It’s no surprise that success comes in small steps and for these two young bright engineers, it has been a long journey with every obstacle not holding them back from realizing their dreams. MemoryXpander was born promising to deliver what no other product has done yet previously for the human memory.

‘We did not expect the enormous demand we have for our product today. If we can help out the population and have fun doing it, we are all for it’ says Alex Vasser. If only it was always that easy. Avky Inc has struggled finding a lab capable of producing a quality product where no corners were cut in the ingredients list and capable of delivering the quantities customers asked for
Alex Vasser and Kyle Uchitel have noticed a gap in the market able to provide a product to young and old that actually works and delivers on its promises. MemoryXpander came after months of research and development in partnership with various laboratories to create a premium product. Kyle Uchitel has studied the brain and memory association intensely prior to producing the product.

Kyle Uchitel and Aleksandr Vasser came up with a few key success points that enabled them to create the product that revolutionized the memory supplement field: MemoryXpander.

1.) Be innovative – fulfill an underdeveloped need
2.) Customers are #1 – react to your customers needs
3.) Have a plan for success – never give up
4.) Keep your reputation
5.) Make a good first impression
6.) Make an effort to differentiate your products
7.) Think Big
8.) Create a niche

AVKY Inc., a rapidly emerging figure in the wellness arena has ongoing current interest in products developed to give a boost to the quality and well being of human life including developing products for facial skin care, hair care as well as general detox and weight loss natural tools to purify the body and maintain weight. AVKY Inc sees a bright outlook and is positioning itself accordingly to develop key products to fulfill the growing demand for health, beauty and wellness items continue climbing year after year, with overall spending in the billions of dollars the past decade.

Avky Inc is currently pursuing distributors for their great new product. You can contact the owners at or

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